From our Postulant

Editor’s Note:  From now until June of 2014, St. John’s is blessed to have serving with us Ms. Emily Garcia,  Postulant for ordination as a priest in the Diocese of Massachusetts. Many of us know Emily from her work last year with the Godly Play program, and this week she writes about her work with us in the coming year.

Dear Parish—hello!

It is such a pleasure for me to be spending this year with you as a Postulant and parish intern!

A Postulant for Holy Orders means basically a “pre-priest”; postulancy is an important time of formation, which is why I’m at St. John’s. I grew up in the Evangelical Free Church and became Episcopalian while at Princeton; once I moved to Cambridge I started attending and then working at the Episcopal Chaplaincy at Harvard. So until I came to St. John’s, I knew very little about parish life! I still have a lot to learn, and I knew I wanted to learn it in the friendly and lively community that you all share.

So this year I’ll continue to teach Godly Play and serve at the altar with Fr. Tom. I’ll also be working with Sandy Nilson and Bridget Nyhan to build up more support for our students, and to recruit more teachers. (Yes, I’m looking at YOU!) I’m leaving next September to go to seminary, and I want to leave our Godly Players with other committed teachers!

During this year, I’ll continue to work at the Episcopal Chaplaincy at Harvard. (I also work at a restaurant and a start-up to pay the bills.) A fun part of being a postulant is that we get to be involved with a lot of the projects and people around the diocese, so I hope you’ll let me know if I can answer any questions about what the broader Church is up to.

Thank you again for so warmly inviting me into your community. I look forward to this year together!

Emily Garcia