St. John’s Awarded First Green Loan by the Diocese

As a result of the careful and diligent work of the Creation Care Team, St. John’s has been approved for a loan of $100,000 by the Diocese so that we can replace our current heating system with one that is more energy efficient.

The loan is part of the  diocesan Creation Care Initiative, funded by the Together Now Campaign. The initiative  provides congregations with opportunities to make energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable improvements to their buildings in order to reduce their carbon footprint and resource consumption.

The loan is offered at a rate lower than other diocesan loan programs (2.75%), and is structured in such a way that we anticipate that our loan repayments will equal our saving in fuel consumption over the next decade.

Our old heating system consisted of two furnaces and three boilers, all oil-fired. The new system will have two gas-fired boilers, one each for the church and the Parish House, and will result in cleaner and more efficient consumption of fossil fuels

The loan comes after we have already received a $10,000 Green Grant from the diocese.

On Sunday, November 23rd,  Bishop Bud Cederholm will join us to bless our new system, as we begin a new season of environmental stewardship at St. John’s.

Thank you to the Creation Care Team for all they have done to help us reach this place: Alice Krapf, Melissa Giese, Jonathan McCormick, Douglas Heim, and Tom Mousin.