What Could Be Our Stewardship Goal for This Year? For Our Future?

From Kathleen McCormick, our Stewardship Chair

A few facts to give you an idea of what could be goals for stewardship. Our annual budget for 2015 was $214,500 (covering salaries and benefits for 1 full time rector and 4 part-time employees). 57 pledges for this year total $113,149 and we expect $27,200 from rental income. It would be ideal if pledges covered our operating expenses. How can we make up the $74,000 difference?

1. Our average pledge is about $2000. 37 new pledges would be needed to make up that deficit.
2. We could increase our average pledge to $3200, which would cover the difference with no new members.

Neither scenario is likely, but we can set some goals. An increase in our average pledge amount and new pledging members can help us get closer to making ends meet. I am hoping that there will be 6 new pledging members for 2016 and that we can get closer to an average pledge of $2500.

There are a few things that can help you examine where your pledge falls on a few different scales. On the back of the pledge card, there is a table that shows different tithing amounts. Ask yourself, “Where is your pledge in this scenario -is it close to the recommended 10% of post-tax income?”

Also, here is a list that breaks down how many pledges are at a particular level in our parish. Again, ask yourself, where is your pledge in this list and can you move one up one step.

Number of Pledging Units     Giving Between These Amounts Per Week

3                                $100-$149
5                                $75-$99.99
5                                $50-$74.99
4                                $40-$49.99
9                                $30-$39.99
11                               $20-$29.99
9                                $10-$19.99
7                                $5-$9.99
4                                $.01-$4.99

As I have mentioned, I am humbled by the generousity of St. John’s members, and the continued progress we have made in the years that I have been a member. I expect that we will make progress this year, too. May we learn from God’s generosity and continue to grow in our commitment of time, talent and treasure to God’s work.
Thank you,

Kathleen McCormick, Stewardship Chair