What Abundance!

Dear Friends,

Last Sunday, the Day of All Saints’ we were surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses as we welcomed through baptism two new persons into the Body of Christ. There was such abundance at that service – an abundance of love for these two young persons, an abundance of love for the saints who have gone before us, the abundance of the feast as we broke bread and drank wine together, and the abundance of voices singing as we sang great hymns of the faith. And then the abundance of Coffee Hour!

We are blessed in this community. All of that abundance finds its source in God, whose generosity is apparent to us in so many ways. This Sunday, November 8, we have the opportunity to demonstrate our own generosity as we give thanks to God and make our pledges to St. John’s for 2016. I hope you make a special effort to be here for one of our services, and to join us for the celebratory brunch after the 10 am service. No gift will be too small and no gift can be too large in expressing our gratitude for all God gives us through the life of this parish.  I look forward to seeing you so that together, we can bear witness to all that God is doing in our midst.