Lenten Offering for Syrian Refugees

Donations for Nuday Syria before the altar

Our collection of craft and school supplies for refugees in Syria is growing. These Lenten offerings will be shipped by St. John’s Beverly Farms to the Nuday refugee Camp in Srria for those who have been displaced by the civil war there.

We have placed the donations in front of the side altar in the church. In the last few years, that altar has become a place of prayer and devotion when we have remembered those who have died from domestic and international acts of violence. With these gifts, we offer our prayers for those who are persevering and building their lives in the midst of great tragedy.

We welcome the following items:

-Book Bags for children
-School supplies, such as pencils, markers, and notebooks
-Yarn,  Fabric and Art Supplies: the women in the camp have expressed interest in making clothes, sweaters, and art projects with children
-Cash donations are also welcome; checks should be made out to St. John’s Beverly Farms

Your donations can be placed  in front of the altar.